✚9299✚ Imperial German pre WW1 Hanover Centenary Medal 1903 Jubiläumsdenkmümze


Original German pre WW1 Hanover Centenary Medal (Hannoversche Jubiläumsdenkmünze) 19. December 1803 - 1903, IN MINT CONDITION ON NEW RIBBON, A BEAUTIFUL EXAMPLE OF A RARE AWARD, ATTRACTIVE TARNISH / PATINA, AZ EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD PIECE


Hanover Centenary Medal (Hannoversche Jubiläumsdenkmünze) 19. December 1803-1903 - The award was instituted by King and Emperor Wilhelm II. on December 19, 1903, awarded from 1903 to 1913. Fine bronze medal with a soldered eyelet with a ring for ribbon mounting, diameter: 39.5 mm, weight is cca 33.4 grams. Obverse: a raised laurel wreath on the edge. Running from the top and bottom to the middle. Bound crosswise on the left and right in the middle. Overlaid above and below by a broad piece that seems to protrude from the middle part. In the included middle field the representation of the Waterloosäule on the Waterlooplatz in Hanover with trees and buildings in the background. Reverse: on a smooth background, on the upper half, the two-line font increases: - 19th - DEZEMBER - 1803 - / - 19th - DEZEMBER - 1903 -. On the lower half a flag that has been lowered to the left. This is stuck through an oak leaf wreath. The flag is in the wreath. Behind it is a palm branch that points to the right. Ribbon: white 35 mm, white edges 2.5 mm, orange side stripes 7 mm. This commemorative medal was awarded to the 100th anniversary of the Hanoverian regular troops. All veterans who previously served in the Hanoverian army in the troops that belonged to the Prussian troops received this commemorative medal. These included the Fusilier Regiment No. 73, the Jager Battalion No. 10, the Royal Uhlan Regiment No. 13 (1st Hanoverian), the Guard Hussar Regiment and the Foot Artillery Regiment of Scharnhorst No. 10 (1st Hanoverian).