✚9982✚ German post WW1 Prussia Republic Decoration for Merit Fire Service badge


Genuine post WW1 German / Prussian (Republic) Decoration for Merit in the Fire Service (Erinnerungszeichen für Verdienste um das Feuerlöschwesen), 1926-1933, IN GOOD CONDITION, PERFECTLY WORKING PIN DEVICE, MARKED: "ORIGINAL - GES. GESCHUTZT" (Ges. Gesch. is an abbreviation for gesetzlich geschützt. Gesetzlich translates from German to English as legal, legitimate, by law. Geschützt translates from German to English as protected or sheltered so the translation means: legally protected), OVERALL A NICE EXAMPLE, NOT EASY TO FIND.


Prussia (Republic) Decoration for Merit in the Fire Service (Erinnerungszeichen für Verdienste um das Feuerlöschwesen), 1926-1933 - Circular gilt bronze badge; the face with a circular central medallion imposed on crossed fire axes, bearing the Prussian eagle and circumscribed ‘REPUBLIK’ and ‘PREUSSEN’ above and below respectively, inscribed to either side and below ‘VER / DIENST / UM / DAS / FEUER / LÖSCH / WESEN’, a crowning fire helmet above, hoze nozzles and laurel leaves at the base; the reverse inscribed ‘ORIGINAL’ and GES. / GESCHÜTZT’, with pin for wear; diameter 30.93mm (1.22 inches). The Decoration was instituted originally on 15 June 1908 by King Wilhelm II for 25 years’ blameless and meritorious service in a Prussian fire service or outstanding meritorious action beyond the call of duty (25jährige vorwurfsfreie und verdienstvolle Betätigung im Feuerlöschdienst in einer preussischen Feuerwehr oder bei besonders verdienstvoller Pflichterfüllung im Einsatz über das Durchschnittsmaß hinaus). It fell into abeyance with the fall of the Prussian monarchy at the end of 1918 but was reinstated in 1926 by the Prussian State Ministry with the royal elements of the design replaced. It was superseded by a new version in 1933.