✚9837✚ Austria Republic post WW2 1939-1945 Veteran Bronze Cross w Swords medal


Original Austria Republic Veteran Bronze Cross with Swords for Combat (Kriegserinnerungskreuz 1939 - 1945), IN VERY GOOD CONDITION, ON GENUINE TRIFOLD RIBBON, A GOOD LATER CAST EXAMPLE 


1939-1945 Austrian Veteran Bronze Cross with Swords for Combat ("Kriegserinnerungskreuz 1939 - 1945"). This Cross was given to WW2 veterans of the WW2 German Armed Forces who where members of "Österreichischer Kameradschaftsbund". The Cross is approximately 45 mm, obverse: 'FUR HEIMAT UND VOLK 1939 - 1945' (for Homeland and People 1939 - 1945). Most of these crosses are maker hallmarked 'SCHWERTNER & Sie' on the reverse, on Austrian style trifold red & white ribbon. Most (and older) ones are made from bronze, but other materials also existed, even later pieces made from some kind of plastics. One of the makers was the firm "Schwertner". On medalbars of soldiers of the Austrian Bundesheer of 2nd Republic this was the only allowed award indicating participation in WW2.