✚9650✚ German pre WW1 Southwest Africa Medal Combatants Südwestafrika miniature


Original German pre WW1 Southwest Africa Medal for Combatants (Südwestafrika-Denkmünze für Kämpfer) miniature, IN VERY GOOD CONDITION, NICE DETAILED EXAMPLE SHOWING ATTRACTIVE TARNISH / PATINA, DIAMETER: 16 mm


Southwest Africa Medal for Combatants (Südwestafrika-Denkmünze für Kämpfer), 1904-1906 - Circular gilt bronze medal with eyelet for ribbon suspension; the face with the head of Germania in winged helmet facing left, circumscribed ‘SUEDWEST AFRIKA’ and dated ‘1904-1906’; the reverse with the monogram of Wilhelm II, an imperial crown with flying pendelia above, crossed swords below, circumscribed ‘DEN SIEGREICHEN STREITERN’ (the victorious combatants); some wear and age oxidisation to gilding; on original ribbon with rare ‘GROSS-NAMALAND’ bar and gilt crossed swords. The medal was instituted on 19 March 1907 with versions for combatants and non-combatants and originally twelve bars, including Gross-Namaland, with a further three added in 1908 and a final one in 1912. The medal was awarded for participation in the crushing of the uprisings of the Herero and Nama against German colonial rule between 1904 and 1908.