✚9620✚ German post WW1 Bavarian Fire Service Decoration for 40 Years medal


Original German / Bavarian post WW1 Weimar Republic Fire Service Decoration for 40 Years’ Service (Feuerwehr-Ehrenzeichen für 40 jährige Dienstzeit) / POST 1928 VERSION (GILDED BRONZE), IN NEARLY MINT CONDITION, GOOD EXAMPLE ON BEAUTIFUL GENUINE RIBBON WITH A STITCHED PIN, A VERY NICE PIECE WITH INTACT FINISH, THE AWARD IS NOT OFTEN SEEN


Bavarian Fire Service Decoration for 40 years’ Service (Feuerwehr-Ehrenzeichen für 40 jährige Dienstzeit), 1928-1936 issue - Oval gilt bronze medal with scrolled eyelet for ribbon suspension; the face with a fireman’s helmet within crossed laurel branches, the letter ‘U’ below; the reverse inscribed ‘FÜR / 40 / JÄHRIGE DIENST- / ZEIT’ (for 40 years’ service). The Decoration was instituted by King Ludwig II on 24 June 1884 ‘for those members of a volunteer fire service who have rendered twenty-five years characterised by loyal and zealous service’ (‘für diejenigen Mitglieder einer freiwilligen Feuerwehr, welche durch fünfundzwanzigjährigen treuen und eifrigen Dienst sich ausgezeichnet haben’). Originally of buckle (Schnalle) form, a blackened iron medal was substituted in November 1918; from 1922 to 1928 the medal was produced in grey-black light zinc and at the end of June 1928 gilt bronze was substituted. The medal was awarded until 1936.