✚9586✚ Austria Black Cross Österreichische Schwarze Kreuz ÖSK medal post WW2


Original Austria Republic Service Cross of the Austrian Black Cross First Class - post WW2 made, IN PERFECT CONDITION WITH PERFECTLY WORKING PIN DEVICE , A NICE INTACT EXAMPLE, SIZE: cca 47 x 47 mm


The Austrian Black Cross (Österreichische Schwarze Kreuz - ÖSK) deals since its founding in 1919 with the maintenance, care and construction of tombs for civilian victims of the bombing war and political persecution of refugees and soldiers. The ÖSK also helps find the graves of fallen soldiers, in the exhumation, identification and repatriation of fallen soldiers and war dead in her home country at war graves and arrange trips abroad. The financial expenses for the care of the 241,000 graves done almost entirely by donations, membership and community funds.