✚9431✚ German pre WW1 Bavarian Service Award Voluntary Nursing pre 1900 version


Original German / Bavarian pre WW1 Long Service Award for 20 Years in Voluntary Nursing in Piece (Ehrenkreuz für freiwillige Krankenpflege im Frieden), rare 1st pattern version (pre 1900), IN NEARLY MINT CONDITION ON NEW RIBBON, FANTASTIC DETAILED EXAMPLE WITH INTACT ENAMEL, VERY RARE AWARD (EVEN THE 2ND PATTERN VERSION IS RARE, THIS THE 2ND PRE 1900 AWARDED VERSION I HAVE EVER SEEN)


Bavarian Long Service Award for 20 Years in Voluntary Nursing in Piece (Ehrenkreuz für freiwillige Krankenpflege im Frieden) - The aim of this award was to recognise the great importance and support of the military medical service in the war and the sacrificing work in peacetime. Members of the State Aid Association and the Bavarian Women's Association were honoured by the Red Cross for meritorious 20 years in this field. Members of the Knights of St. George, the Order of St. John and members of affiliated corporations, institutions and associations of these knightly orders were also entitled to receive. The prerequisite was the support of the military medical service. Members of voluntary medical columns were members of the column after at least 1 year, that military service was counted. The Bavarian Red Cross Association later donated a silver laurel wreath for 30 years of service, which was attached to the ribbon. This first pattern cross was awarded before 1900 from 1901 to 1918 the 2nd pattern of this cross was awarded. that was instituted on March 5, 1901 by Prince Regent Luitpold. The occasion was the Prince Regent's 80th birthday. It has got the same look as the 1st pattern cross but the reverse depicts the Bavarian coats of arms. Dark tinted bronze cross. The cross arms are rounded at the ends and have smooth and raised edges. The inside of the cross arms are finely grained. Front and back with separately placed round centre plates. A decorated agraffe on the upper cross arm. A small eyelet is hooked into this and is soldered to the band ring. The obverse of the cross is a round centre shield with a raised, smooth edge. In the centre of the medallion, the red glass-enamelled Geneva cross is framed by smooth, narrow edges. A raised five-armed crown on the upper cross arm. Reverse: rounded centre shield with a double, raised, smooth edge with: "Für 20 jahrige Dienstzeit (For 20 years' Service). Dimensions: 33 mm x 41 mm, weight: 10.7 g.