✚9402✚ German WW1 Baden Silver Medal of Merit Silberne Verdienstmedaille


Original German / Baden Silver Medal of Merit (Silberne Verdienstmedaille) - WW1, ON CLEAN GENUINE RIBBON, IN VERY NICE CONDITION, A VERY GOOD LATE WAR ZINC EXAMPLE


Baden Silver Medal of Merit (Silberne Verdienstmedaille), Friedrich II, 1916-1918 - Circular silvered medal with integral bar for ribbon suspension; the face with the head and shoulders portrait of Grand Duke Friedrich II in uniform facing left circumscribed ‘FRIEDRICH II GROSSHERZOG VON BADEN•’, SIGNED ‘R.M.’; the reverse inscribed ‘FÜR VERDIENST’ (For Merit) within a circular oak wreath. The medal can trace its origins as far back as 1769 when Grand Duke Karl-Friedrich instituted a large and small silver medal of merit. The version showing Grand Duke Friedrich II was issued from his accession in 1907 until his abdication at the end of World War I in 1918. This example, dates from the latter years of that conflict, 1916-1918.