✚9326✚ German WW1 BDMA Military Candidate Association membership pin badge


Original WW1 German BDMA (Bund Deutscher Militäranwärter) Association of German Military Candidates membership pin badge, PERFECT CONDITION, "GES. GESCHUTZT" MARKED (MEANS LEGALLY PROTECTED), MAKER MARKED: "J.C. GANTE, BERLIN S.14" (J.C.Gante jr. Vereinsabzeichen-Fabrik Gravir- und Emaillier-Anstalt - Berlin, S.14, Dresdner Straße 71, founded in 1888 and closed in 1945), full size with the pin: cca 58 mm, A VERY GOOD DETAILED EXAMPLE WITH INTACT ENAMEL, RARE STICKPIN


BDMA (Bund Deutscher Militäranwärter - Association of German Military Candidates) - The Federation of German Military Candidates represented the interests of German military candidates. It was founded in 1904 and goes back to the Military Candidate and Disability Association (Militäranwärter- und Invalidenverein Berlin und Umgegend) founded in 1893 in Berlin and the surrounding area. In 1905 the association already had 36,000 members and grew to 74,000 by 1914.