✚9227✚ German army Wehrmacht Luftwaffe WW2 NCO EM visor cap badge & cockade


Original German WW2 Luftwaffe visor cap badge for NCO (Non Comissioned Officers) and EM (Enlisted Men) - silver washed, die stamped, aluminum construction winged visor cap wreath with a painted national tri-color cockade. The winged, open topped, wreath features four, horizontally extended, "wings" emanating from the central oak-leaf wreath that encompasses the national tri-color cockade. The wreath and wings both have finely embossed detailing. The cockade features a ribbed, circular black outer ring encompassing a ribbed, silver inner ring and a smooth red centerpiece. The reverse of the insignia is a mirror image of the obverse with two prongs (one prong is missing on this piece). NICE ONE PIECE CONSTRUCTION EXAMPLE, GOOD CONDITION, A FINE DETAILED PIECE WITH GOOD FINISH.


EM/NCO'S VISOR CAP WREATH & COCKADE (Schirmmütze Eichenlaubkranz und Korkade) - On its inception on February 26TH 1935, the Luftwaffe adopted most of the uniform items of the earlier DLV, Deutscher Luftsport Verband, (German Air Sports League), its clandestine, civilian forerunner, including the visor cap. In March 1935 the earlier, "Tellerform", saucer shaped, caps were replaced with a new, "Sattelform" cap with a higher front peak and an oval shaped top. Along with the introduction of the "Sattelform" cap a new winged wreath and national tri-color cockade were also introduced and were utilized until the end of the war. Officer’s ranks generally utilized hand embroidered visor cap insignia as opposed to the stamped metal visor cap insignia as utilized by EM/NCO ranks. Company and Field grade Officer’s caps were distinguished from the EM/NCO’s caps by bright silver/aluminum piping and a silver/aluminum chin cord while General Officer’s ranks from Generalmajor to Reichsmarschall inclusively, utilized gold colored visor cap fittings.