✚9191✚ German pre WW1 commemorative medal Federal Election 1890 Bebel Liebknecht


Original German pre WW1 commemorative medal of the Federal Election in 1890 (Erinnerung an die Reichstagswahlen) / Bebel & Liebknecht. THE AWARD IS IN NICE WORN CONDITION, GOOD EXAMPLE ON GENUINE RIBBON WITH A PERFECTLY WORKING PIN DEVICE, DIAMETER: cca 30 mm, A RARE & INTERESTING PIECE OF HISTORY


1890 German federal election - Federal elections were held in Germany on 20 February 1890. The Centre Party regained its position as the largest party in the Reichstag by winning 106 of the 397 seats, whilst the National Liberal Party, formerly the largest party, was reduced to 42 seats. Despite receiving the most votes, the Social Democratic Party won only 35 seats. Voter turnout was 71.5%. Wilhelm Martin Philipp Christian Ludwig Liebknecht (29 March 1826 – 7 August 1900) was a German socialist and one of the principal founders of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). His political career was a pioneering project combining Marxist revolutionary theory with practical legal political activity. Under his leadership, the SPD grew from a tiny sect to become Germany's largest political party. He was the father of Karl Liebknecht and Theodor Liebknecht. Ferdinand August Bebel (22 February 1840 – 13 August 1913) was a German socialist politician, writer, and orator. He is best remembered as one of the founders of the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Germany (SDAP) in 1869, which in 1875 merged with the General German Workers' Association into the Socialist Workers' Party of Germany (SAPD). During the repression under the terms of the Anti-Socialist Laws, Bebel became the leading figure of the social democratic movement in Germany and from 1892 until his death served as chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.