✚9016✚ German navy WW2 Krigsmarine Gefreiter's rank chevron insignia Armwinkel


Original Garman WW2 Navy (Kriegsmarine) Gefreiter's rank chevron insignia (Armwinkel) - IN VERY NICE CONDITION - A REALLY GOOD EXAMPLE, SIZE: cca 75 mm


The Kriegsmarine adopted rank chevrons for all Enlisted ranks in 1933. The chevrons were worn on the upper left sleeve of most garments, with a few exceptions and the base color of the chevron was to match the uniform it was worn on. The Kriegsmarine rank chevrons underwent four modifications between 1933 and 1940, in an unsuccessful attempt to conform to the army EM’s rank chevrons. Of Note: Quite often the rank chevrons were combined with the individuals career insignia. This example was first introduced in 1933 and signified the rank of Obermatrose, until January 1938 when it was allocated for the rank of Gefreiter and remained in use for the duration of the war. Physical description: the insignia consists of a single golden yellow wool "V" shaped, chevron, machine stitched to an inverted triangular, deep navy blue wool base.