✚8937✚ Imperial German post WW1 Frontline Cross Union Frontline Soldiers Cross


Original German Frontline Cross of the German Union of Frontline Soldiers post WW1 - VERY NICE RARE BADGE, INTACT PIN DEVICE, VERY NICE CONDITION - INTACT ENAMELLED CENTRE PIECE, ATTRACTIVE BADGE, MAKER MARKED: "Deschler & Sohn, München", "Gesetzlich Geschützt" MARKED (legally protected), RARE AWARD, ONLY 3000 HAVE BEEN AWARDED


Frontline Cross of the German Union of Frontline Soldiers (Frontkreuz des Deutschen Frontkriegerbundes) - Instituted in 1922 by the Munich-based German Union of Frontline Soldiers (Deutscher Frontkriegerbund), one of the numerous veterans associations that existed in post-war Weimar Republic. That association was under heavy right-wing conservative influence and operated mainly in Bavaria. It merged with another veterans organization, Tannenbergbund, in June 1928 but by the year end it faced grave personnel crisis as a bulk of its members left for the “Bavarian Homeland Protection” organization (Bayerischer Heimatschutz) in December 1928. The final blow followed in March 1931 when most of remaining members decided to join powerful League of Frontline Soldiers “Steel Helmet” (Stahlhelm, Bund der Frontsoldaten). Those events led to the disbandment of Deutscher Frontkriegerbund at the end of 1931. Like all the unofficial commemorative badges manufactured in Weimar Republic, Frontline Cross of the German Union of Frontline Soldiers had to be purchased by veterans themselves upon presentation of an award certificate. The badge followed a shape of the Prussian Iron Cross 1st class. It’s left arm had a letter “K” standing for “Krieger’, upper arm – “F” for “Front” and right one “B” for “Bund”. The dates of the beginning and the end of the Great War, “1914/18” were placed at the bottom arm of a cross. Tricolor black-white-red shield embroidered by a gilt wreath tied by a ribbon at its bottom was superimposed over the middle of a badge. The badge was worn on the lower left breast of a tunic and was attached by a vertical pin and catching hook. Frontline Cross of the German Union of Frontline Soldiers was made of nonferrous metal alloy with gilt finish of wreath and enameled tricolor central shield. The badge was manufactured by a Munich-based company “Deschler und Sohn” and was available for private purchase in 1922-1931. Approximately 3,000 crosses were issued.