✚8877✚ German pre WW1 Veteran Badge 84th Schleswig Infantry "von Manstein" 1906


Original Original German pre WW1 Veteran Badge of the 84th Schleswig-Holstein Infantry Regiment "von Manstein" from 1906. (The Infanterie-Regiment von Manstein (Schleswigsches) Nr. 84 was a sub unit of the 35. Infanterie-Brigade of the 18th Division (18. Division). This division was a unit of the Prussian / German Army. It was formed on 11th October 1866, and was headquartered in Flensburg. The division was subordinated in peacetime to the IX Army Corps (IX. Armeekorps). The division was disbanded in 1919 during the demobilization of the German Army after World War I. The division was recruited primarily in Schleswig-Holstein). THE BADGE IS IN VERY NICE CONDITION BUT THERE IS A SMALL CRACK ON THE MIDDLE OF THE BADGE, GOOD EXAMPLE WITH ATTRACTIVE TARNISH, GENUINE RIBBON, WORKING PIN DEVICE, OVERALL A BEAUTIFUL EXAMPLE OF A RARE BADGE, DIAMETER: cca 54 mm