✚8753✚ German post WW2 Hesse State Gold Fire Service Cross 40 Years Service


Original German Hesse (Hessen) Fire Service Decoration for 25 Years' Service (Silver Grade) post WW2 medal - MINT CONDITION IN GENUINE AWARD CASE, INTACT ENAMEL, PERFECT PIN DEVICE, VERY GOOD EXAMPLE WITH MINIATURE STICKPIN & RIBBON BAR 


Hesse Gold Fire Service Decoration for 40 years’ service (Goldenes Feuerwehr-Ehrenzeichen für 25 Dienstjahre) - Instituted on July 30, 1962 by the former Hessian Prime Minister Georg-August Zinn. It serves since that time as acknowledgment and appreciation of merits around the fire protection in the country Hessen. Gilt-edged red enamel cross pattée, with loop for ribbon suspension; the face with a gilt coats of arms of Hesse, the arms of the cross decorated with gold enamel gilt-edged flames. The reverse is inscribed ‘FÜR VERDIENSTE IM BRANDSCHUTZ’ (for merit in fire defence). This is the current award for 40 years’ active service in the Fire Service of Hesse. As usual in Germany, the fire protection decoration is awarded in three stages: 1st stage fire protection award in silver for 25 years active service, 2nd stage Fire protection award in gold for 40-year active duty, 3rd stage fire protection award of honor in gold special stage. While the 1st and 2nd level of the honorary award can receive all members of the volunteer fire brigades, professional fire brigades and recognized fire brigades, the special stage is given to firefighters as well as to other persons who have distinguished themselves by their particularly brave and determined behavior in the fire service.