✚8548✚ German WW1 Bavarian Luitpold Cross 40 years’ State and Community Service


Original German / Bavarian Luitpold Cross for 40 years’ State and Community Service, VERY NICE CONDITION - ON NEW RIBBON, VERY GOOD EXAMPLE


Bavarian Luitpold Cross for 40 years’ State and Community Service (Luitpoldkreuz für 40 Dienstjahre im Staats- und Gemeindedienst) - 1911-1918 - Gilt bronze cross pattée with impressed panels, on laterally-pierced loop for ribbon suspension; the face with a central circular medallion bearing the head of Prince Regent Leopold facing left circumscribed ‘LUITPOLD PRINZ-REGENT VON BAYERN’; the reverse with a circular central medallion inscribed ‘FÜR EHREN-VOLLE VIERZIG DIENSTES-JAHRE’ (for forty years’ honourable service), the Bavarian crown on the upper arm, the left, right and lower arms bearing the date ‘12’ ‘MÄRZ’ ‘1911’. The Cross was instituted by Prince Regent Luitpold on 24 February 1911 in association with his 90th birthday on 12 March 1911 for all those who had completed forty years in loyal and honourable service to Court, State, Church or Local Government (‘für alle Personen die im Hof-, Staats-, Kirchen- oder Gemeindedienst vierzig Jahre treu und ehrenvoll gedienst haben’). The Cross was struck at the Royal Mint in Munich and suppressed in 1918. The Cross is not often seen.