✚8425✚ German Prussian Reserve Army Long Service Award clasp pre WW1 Landwehr


Original German Prussian Reserve and Territorial Army Service Award Badge II. Class - WW1, WORN CONDITION - MISSING PIN DEVICE, GOOD EXAMPLE FOR DISPLAY THOUGH


Prussian Reserve and Territorial Army Service Award, II class (Landwehr-Dienstauszeichnung II. Klasse), 1842-1913 - Rectangular badge consisting of a cornflower blue ribbon mounted on a bronze plaque within a black magnetic iron frame; the face embroidered in gold thread ‘F.W.IV.’ (for King Friedrich Wilhelm IV), a cross pattée in gold thread to either side; the reverse plain; mounted with pin for wear. The Award was created on 16 January 1842. On 4 July 1868, the Silver Cross was introduced, becoming the first class of the award and the existing Landwehr-Dienstauszeichnung became the second class. It was awarded for impeccable fulfilment of service in the Reserve or Territorial Army (Navy) to officers, medical officers, non-commissioned officers and other ranks who participated in a campaign or as an exceptional reward for those who spent a total of three months on active conscripted service without leave (‘Nach vorwurfsfrei erfüllter Dienstpflicht in der Reserve und Landwehr (Seewehr) diejeningen Offiziere, Ärzte, Unteroffiziere und Wehrmänner …, welche einen Felgzug mitgemacht haben oder bei außergewöhnlichen Veranlassungen, im ganzen mindestens drei Monate, aus dem Beurlaubtenstande zum aktiven Dienst einberufen gewesen’). The Award was superseded in 1913.