✚8341✚ Austro-Hungarian WW1 Tyrol Province Remembrance Medal Landesdenkmünze


Original Austria Hungary Tyrol Province Remembrance Medal WW1 - NICE CONDITION, ON NEW TRIFOLD RIBBON, GOOD EXAMPLE


Tiroler Landesdenkmünze (Tyrol Province Remembrance Medal) Awarded to all Tiroleans whos served in the First World War and also to those who, between 1915 and 1918 participated in defending the Tirol Province (amongst them were German mountain troops). This bronze gilt medal was instituted on 7 February 1928 and awards were stopped end March 1940. During that period some 120,000 were awarded. The obverse shows the Tirolean Eagle and the reverse bears, within an oak leaf wreath, the words "DAS / LAND TIROL / DEN / VERTEIDIGERN / DES / VATERLANDES/ 1914-1918" (The Tirol Province to the Defenders of the Homeland, 1914-1918).