✚8225✚ German post WW1 cased Palatinate Association of the Economy Merit Medal


Genuine German post WW1 German Association of the Economy of the Palatinate Long Service Plaquette - pre 1933 issued example in its genuine hardshelled case of issue with recessed medal bed. Fine bronze, obverse illustrating three standing figures in an Art Deco design, the Economy personified by a woman extending laurel branches in each hand, to a man with hammer to her right and to a man with a winged staff to her left, the men representing Commerce and Crafts, engraver marked "M" over "H" (Heinrich Friedrich Moshage - born November 12, 1896 in Osnabrück, died March 10, 1968 in Dusseldorf, he was a German sculptor, woodcarver, draftsman and engraver) below, reverse inscribed "FÜR LANGJÄHRIGE MITARBEIT IM DIENSTE DER PFÄLZISCHEN WIRTSCHAFT" (FOR LONG-TERM EMPLOYEMENT IN THE PALATINAN ECONOMY). Diameter: cca 81 mm, weight: cca 185 gramm including the case. A VERY ATTRACTIVE PLAQUETTE.