✚8054✚ Hungarian Kingdom National Front-Line Fighters’ Association Badge WW2


Original Hungarian WW2 National Front-Line Fighters' Membership Badge (Frontharcos Jelveny), NICE CONDITION, INTACT ENAMEL BUT THE BACK IS REPAIRED - RARE BADGE, MAKER MARKED: "BERAN - BP (BUDAPEST)", SIZE: cca 27 x 17 mm


The National Front-Line Fighters’ Association (Hungarian: Országos Frontharcos Szövetség) was founded the 24th, December 1931. Their mission was to help their disabled comrades, the widows and orphans; and to educate Europeans about the catastrophic war. Unlike many such organizations, the members acted as ambassadors of peace; closely working with veterans’ groups from England and France - their former enemies. Female nursing personnel and veterans from all religions were welcome in this association, and all members, from generals to the lowest ranks, were considered equals. In September of 1939 the name was given a slightly more Hungarian flavour, the Hungarian Fire-Line Fighters’ Association (Hungarian: Magyar Tüzharcos Szövetség) and continued serving the interests of the veterans and their families until the end of World War II.