✚7936✚ Hungarian Kingdom Horthy WW1 World War Commemorative Medal for combatants


Original Hungarian Kingdom WW1 Commemorative Medal of the World War with Helmet and Swords (for combatants), IN PERFECT CONDITION, ON NEW TRIFOLD RIBBON, MARKED: "BRONZ", A VERY GOOD EXAMPLE


Hungarian Commemorative Medal of the World War - Awarded "with helmet and swords" to soldiers and other combattants or "without helmet and swords" to all other war participants or to the nearest relative of a soldier. This medal was instituted on 26 May 1929 by the Regent, Admiral Horthy. The obverse shows the weapon shield of Hungary surmounted by a crown and, if so awarded, with swords underneath the shield. The reverse bears the text "PRO DEO ET PATRIA / 1914-1918" (for God and Fatherland 1914-1918) and, if so awarded, with a WWI helmet over the dates. In case of the award "without helmet and swords", the ribbon is white with green-red-white side stripes.