✚7534✚ German Prussian M1895 / WW1 belt buckle enlisted men NCO one piece const.


Original  WW1 German / Prussian belt buckle (enlisted men / non commissioned officer), ONE PIECE CONSTRUCTION, WORN - RATHER RELIC / CORRODED CONDITION, A NICE PIECE THOUGH


Prussian M1895 EM/NCO'S (Enlisted Men / Non Commissioned Officer) belt buckle: first introduced in 1847, the design of the buckle remained virtually unchanged until 1918. After January of 1915, these buckles, which were also used by the Prussian-dominated states of Baden, Oldenburg, Hansa and Thuringia, were made of zinc-plated sheet iron. Originally the box buckles came in a 50mm, (roughly 2 inches), width until 1895 when the width was reduced to 45mm, (roughly 1 3/4 inches), in an attempt to lighten the weight load of the field gear. Initially the buckles were produced of brass with a nickel/silver face plate until 1914 when steel construction buckles were introduced. An early, pre-1895 pattern, two-piece brass and nickel/silver construction Prussian belt buckle. The 51mm, slightly convex, stamped metal box buckle, features, against its plain, obverse field, a crown to its domed center, encompassed by a dual rope-like border within which, against a ribbed background, is "Gott Mit Uns" (God [is] With Us), and a spray of laurels. To the reverse is its raised buckle catch, and a metal prong bar with dual prongs, for the belt’s retaining tongue.