✚7304✚ German WW1 Prussian Merit Award for Rescue from Danger silver 3rd version


Original German Prussian Merit Medal for Rescue from Danger - WW1, VERY NICE CONDITION, NEW RIBBON, NICE CLEAN EXAMPLE - HARD TO FIND, RARE MEDAL


Prussian Merit Award for Rescue from Danger, silver, 3rd version, (Verdienst-Ehrenzeichen für Rettung aus Gefahr, Silber, 3. Prägung) 1875-1907 - Circular silver medal with loop for ribbon suspension; the face with the head of King Friedrich Wilhelm III facing left, circumscribed ‘FRIEDRICH WILHELM III KONIG VON PREUSSEN’, a six-point rosette at the top of the medal; the reverse inscribed ‘FÜR RETTUNG AUS GEFAHR’ (For Rescue from Danger) within a heavy oak wreath. The first Prussian life-saving award was the Medaillen für Rettung aus Lebensgefahr awarded from 1802. On 1 February 1833 King Friedrich Wilhelm III introduced a wearable award, the Verdienst-Ehrenzeichen für Rettung aus Gefahr, which continued to be awarded until the abolition of the Prussian monarchy at the end of 1918. A number of versions and variants exist, this present medal being an example of the 3rd version, awarded from about 1875 to 1907. Some 4,800 medals were produced in all, initially by Loos and Osterman of Berlin and later, from 1881 by the Royal Mint at Berlin.