✚7091✚ German post WW2 Bavarian Sports Badge BSLA Youth Jugend pin badge silver


Original German post WW2 Bavarian Sports Badge (Bayerisches Sport-Leistungs Abzeichen) Youth (Jugend) miniature stickpin in Silver, VERY NICE CONDITION, ATTRACTIVE & DETAILED MINIATURE, A REALLY GOOD EARLY PIECE, SIZE: 16 mm + pin device


The Bavarian Sports Badge (Bayerisches Sport-Leistungs Abzeichen or BSLA) was a sports badge awarded by the Bavarian Athletes Organization (Bayrischer Landes-Sportverband). Due to the reform of the German Sports Badge, which from 2013 has also been awarded for difference performance levels, the Bavarian Sports Badge ceased to be awarded from 2013. The Bavarian Sports Badge is comparable to the German Sports Badge, however, differences exist: the letters SLA instead of DOSB are shown in the award, the bronze, silver and gold awards indicate the level of difficulty instead of the number of repetitions, higher requirements must be fulfilled in order to be awarded the sports badge. The German Sports Badge may be worn on some countries military uniforms as an official German decoration, but the Bavarian may not. With the fall of the Third Reich, awards of the popular Deutsches Reichssportabzeichen (and all other awards and badges, for that matter) ceased. Just a few years later, sports badges were once again awarded. At first, there was no nationwide standard badge, with various different types instituted by the individual state sports associations. All of these badges were closely modeled on their historic DRA/DRL predecessors and thus consisted of a laurel wreath with a bow at the base and a three-letter cypher in the center. The respective state sports associations of North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg awarded a sports badge with the cypher "DSA" [Deutsches Sportabzeichen = German Sports Badge], those of Lower Saxony, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Bremen had a badge with the cypher "BSA" [Bundessportabzeichen = Federal Sports Badge] and Wurttemberg used an "LSA" [Landessportabzeichen = State Sports Badge] cypher. All of these badges were implemented in the various states between 1948 and 1950 and were discontinued in 1952 with the institution of the new-model Deutsches Sportabzeichen with the "DSB" cypher which was now awarded by the Deutscher Sportbund in all states. One state, however, retained its special state sports badge: The Bayerisches Sportleistungsabzeichen [BSLA, the badge featuring an "SLA" cypher]. (We like to do our own thing, you know.) The badge was instituted in 1948 and continuously awarded until 2012 (after 1952, parallel to the DSB badge). Unlike the DSB badge, the Bavarian SLA was not recognized as an official decoration of the Federal Republic of Germany and could not be worn on military uniforms. The badge came in the traditional three grades of bronze, silver and gold. The gold grade could also be awarded with an additional number at the base (5, 10, 15 etc.) that identified the number a person had re-qualified for the badge. The grade of the badge did not depend on the recipients' age and the number of times they had qualified for the badge, but on their actual scores in the qualification tests. Thus, it was possible to instantly qualify for the gold grade.