✚7062✚ German WW1 Saxony Friedrich August Medal Silver FA Medaille post WW2 made


Original German WW1 Saxony Friedrich August Medal in Silver / post WW2 made, IN VERY NICE CONDITION - GOOD EXAMPLE ON NEW RIBBON - UNKNOWN MAKER


After WW2 wear and display of former Nazi decorations were strictly prohibited in Germany. As Germany split apart into East and West Germany, each of these new countries issued directives concerning the status of former awards and decorations of Nazi Germany. Within East Germany, these awards were all abolished with a new era of German Communist decorations created to take their place. However, in West Germany, pre 1933 issued awards were fully accepted to wear & display, therefore these awards (including foreign awards) were continuously produced after the end of the war by major manufacturers, such as Steinhauer & Lück, Deumer or Souval. In 1957 the West German government authorised replacement Iron Crosses with an Oak Leaf Cluster in place of the swastika, similar to the Iron Crosses of 1813, 1870, and 1914, which could be worn by World War II Iron Cross recipients. The 1957 law also authorised de-Nazified versions of most other World War II–era decorations (except those specifically associated with Nazi Party organizations, such as SS Long Service medals, or with the expansion of the German Reich, such as the medals for the annexation of Austria, the Sudetenland, and the Memel region). 


Saxony Friedrich August Medal - circular medal with laterally pierced loop for ribbon suspension; the face with crowned cipher of King Friedrich August III within a laurel wreath; the reverse inscribed ‘Friedrich August Medaille’, the Saxon rue wreath above and below. The Medal was instituted by King Friedrich August III on 23 April 1905 to be awarded in recognition of meritorious service by servicemen from sergeant downwards and civil persons of similar rank in war and peace (‘zur Anerkennung verdienstlicher Leistungen bei Mannschaften vom Feldwebel abwärts und diesen im Range gleichstehenden Zivilpersonen im Kriege und Frieden’). The medal was awarded in Bronze & Silver Grade.