✚6539✚ German WW2 Navy Kriegsmarine NCO Replacement Service sleeve insignia


Original German WW2 Navy Kriegsmarine NCO Replacement Service (Wehrersatzwesen Laufbahnabzeichen) insignia / sleeve patch, IN NICE CONDITION, GOOD EMBROIDERED EXAMPLE, SMALLER THAN THE ORIGINAL SIZE - THE EDGES ARE CUT


KRIEGSMARINE REPLACEMENT SERVICE NCO'S CAREER SLEEVE INSIGNIA (Wehrersatzwesen Laufbahnabzeichen) - The insignia originally consists of a roughly, 3 1/2" tall, 2 3/4" wide, vertically oval, deep navy blue wool base with a machine embroidered, vertical anchor in red rayon threads. The anchor stands out in nice, high relief. On entering Kriegsmarine service all personnel were assigned and trained for a specific career. These careers consisted of a wide variety of specialty trades and functions with some of the careers restricted to certain rank groups. On successful completion of the appropriate training, personnel were issued distinctive career insignia to be worn on the upper left sleeve of the uniforms. In all the Kriegsmarine utilized no fewer then twenty-five assorted trade badges with most being carried over from the Weimar, Reichsmarine, (National Navy Circa 1919-1933), era. For EM/NCO’s the career insignia could be worn combined with the rank insignia or as separate insignia. Enlisted ranks of Matrose up to and including Hauptgefreiter career insignia were generally embroidered on small, round, bases while NCO ranks of Maat up to and including Oberdeckoffizier career insignia were on larger, vertically oval bases and could come in embroidered or stamped alloy versions. Regulations dictated that the base color of the insignia was to match the color of the uniform it was worn on. Of Note: Rank designations were tied to the career the individual was assigned to and in this case the proper rank designation is Wehrersatzwesen-Obermaat.