✚6426✚ Finland WW2 Continuation War Commemorative Medal ISÄNMAA 1941 1945


Original Finland WW2 Continuation War Commemorative Medal / 1941 - 1945, NICE CONDITION - NEW RIBBON, GOOD EXAMPLE


Continuation War Commemorative Medal (Jatkosodan Muistomitali), 1941-1945 - Circular coppered bronze medal with loop for ribbon suspension; the face with a horizontal sword with an oak branch imposed and inscribed ‘ISÄNMAA’ (Fatherland) above and dated ‘1941-1945’ below; the reverse with the arms of Finland. The medal was instituted on 24 May 1957, some 12 years after the end of the war, and awarded to all participants. The Continuation War was so named to encourage the view that it was a continuation of the Winter War of 1939-1940 in which Soviet forces invaded Finland. The Continuation War, however, was an attempt by Finland to regain territory lost at the end of the Winter War and to occupy Russian territory, taking advantage of the German invasion of Russia, as a defensive buffer against future incursions. The defeat of German forces meant that Finland had to come to an accommodation with the Soviet Union and the war, in effect, achieved nothing.