✚6144✚ German Army Wehrmacht WW2 Third Reich dust goggles Augenschützer M42


Original German WW2 Wehrmacht M42 dust goggles (Augenschützer M42) in genuine holder, IN VERY GOOD UNUSED CONDITION - A REALLY GOOD PIECE


Dust goggles (Augenschützer M42) - The German army issued a wide variety of protective, special duty and general glasses and goggles for assorted personnel including sun glasses for use in the desert or snowy climates. One set of the goggles utilized were the Augenschützer 42, (Eye Protectors), which were developed in 1942 as inexpensive, easily manufactured, eye protectors. The Augenschützer 42 were produced in two models with colored lenses for sun protection and clear lenses for dust protection. The two models were generally distinguished by different colored issue envelopes with the clear, dust goggles issued in a tan envelope and the colored, sun goggles issued in a charcoal grey envelope for ease of identification. These disposable goggles proved quite popular and saw wide spread use in all theaters of action. The goggles consist of foldable, clear, plastic lenses which are held together by three, machine stitched, vertical, ribbed, field-grey cotton/rayon strips. Each lens consists of a front and side panel joined by one of the vertical cotton/rayon strips with the third vertical strip situated at the bridge of the nose. The outer edges of the lenses are trimmed with a black velvet "frame", for comfort. The side lens panels each have a small vertical slash for securing the headband. The headband consists of two, horizontal ribbed, grey elastic strips with a small metal joining clip and a grey rayon strip with an HBT (Herring Bone Twill), weave to the reverse centre. The headband also has a small sliding, metal, length adjustment buckle. The goggles show light age and usage toning but are in overall very good condition and the elastics are still quite taunt. The goggles come housed in their original roughly, 8 cm x 11 cm crinkled, tan cardboard envelope with stitched side seams and a fold over top flap.