✚6047✚ German post WW2 Social Association Sozialverband VdK membership pin badge


Original German post WW2 made VdK Sozialverband Deutschland (Social Association of Germany) membership pin badge, IN VERY NICE CONDITION, A GOOD MAKER MARKED EXAMPLE


The Sozialverband VdK Deutschland (Social Association VdK Germany) is the largest social association in Germany with 2 million members. It represents sociopolitical interests and is committed to a strong welfare state, sustainable social security and social justice (from pension, health and care to participation, life in old age and social security). After the Second World War, the abbreviation VdK stood for Verband der Kriegsbeschädigten, Kriegshinterbliebenen und Sozialrentner Deutschlands (Association of War Disabled, Survivors and Social Pensioners of Germany). The VdK is politically and denominationally neutral. It is financed through the contributions of its members and corporate partnerships. Shortly after the end of the Second World War, survivors of the city initiated self-help groups in cities and municipalities to represent the interests of war victims , widows and orphans vis-à-vis the administration. In the years between 1946 and 1952 the regional associations of the VdK were established. The new federal states joined in 1991. On January 28, 1950, the representatives of the state associations in Düsseldorf of the forerunner umbrella association of the war and civilian victims, social pensioners and survivors associations of Germany (BKD) founded the new VdK Germany as an umbrella organization. VdK stood for V erband d he K riegsbeschädigten, war bereaved and social pensioners in Germany. The organization has been officially called the VdK Germany Social Association since 1994 . In 2014 the Federal Office of the VdK moved from Bonn to Berlin.