✚6015✚ German WW2 Kriegsmarine Electric Technician Grade III Specialty insignia


Original German Navy WW2 Kriegsmarine Electric Technician Grade III Specialty insignia (Sonderausbildung Abzeichen für Elektrotechnik Lehrgänge III) insignia / sleeve patch, IN VERY GOOD CONDITION - NICE EMBROIDERED EXAMPLE 


ELECTRIC TECHNICIAN GRADE III SPECIALTY TRADE BADGE (Sonderausbildung Abzeichen für Elektrotechnik Lehrgänge III) - On entering Kriegsmarine service all personnel were assigned and trained for a specific career. These careers consisted of a wide variety of specialty trades and functions with some of the careers restricted to certain rank groups. On successful completion of the appropriate training, personnel were issued distinctive career insignia to be worn on the upper left sleeve of the uniforms. For EM/NCO’s the career insignia could be worn combined with the rank insignia or as separate insignia. Regulations dictated that the base color of the insignia was to match the color of the uniform it was worn on. Of Note: The Specialist career insignia for Junior NCO’s and EM’s was originally introduced in 1933, with a few later additions and was slightly different then the standard career insignia in that more in-depth training was required and the emblems were worked in red thread as opposed to the gilt metal, golden yellow or cornflower blue emblems of the standard career insignia. The Specialist career insignia was modified in 1940 and remained in use for the duration of the war. In all the Kriegsmarine utilized no fewer then thirty-one assorted specialist career badges. The insignia consists of a roughly, 90mm tall, 70mm wide, vertically oval, ribbed, white rayon base with a machine embroidered, vertical, multi-cogged, wheel with six internal spokes and a circular hub, with four, serrated, "blitz" arrows emanating from each side, positioned above a single chevron, all in bright red rayon threads. The outer edge of the white rayon base has a narrow white cotton/rayon reinforcement strip machine stitched in place..