✚4397✚ German post WW2 Fishing Association VDSF enamelled stickpin badge


Original post WW2 made German pin badge VDSF (Verband Deutscher Sportfischer), IN VERY NICE CONDITION - NICE ENAMELLED STICKPIN


The VDFS (Verband Deutscher Sportfischer) is the largest umbrella organization of German fishing rod-fishers, in which over 7000 fishing rod-clubs with approximately 700. 000 members are organized. It represents the interests of his members opposite authorities, institutions and other associations. The VDSF is active on regional, national and on EC level. The VDSF is a nature conservation-organization recognized since more than 25 years by the legislator. The most important goals are the care and healthy-conservation of waters and nature and especially of the fish-stocks. The VDSF and affiliated organisations take part in the development of comments, bills and ordinances. Competent committees consist of the most fishery-relevant faculties, with which can be taken position to all relevant problems of the fishery. The VDSF was decisive involved at the foundation of the EAA, (European Angler's Alliance) which takes influence on international, fishery-relevant EC – intents. It is furthermore member in the international nature conservation-organization IUCN.