✚4386✚ German post WW2 Bundeswehr metal badge veteran reservist Reserve Hat Ruh!


Original post WW2 German / Bundeswehr reservist badge "RESERVE HAT RUH!" (the "Reserve Hat Ruh" / Rest for the Reserve motto implies sign of going from active duty to a reserve state as the  enlisted after their time of service are not anymore being maltreated / drilled by their superiors), IN NICE CONDITION, SIZE: cca 41 mm, GOOD EARLY PIECE


A military reserve, reserve formation, or simply reserve, is a group of military personnel or units that is initially not committed to a battle by its commander, so that it remains available to address unforeseen situations or exploit sudden opportunities. Such a force may be held back to defend against attack from other enemy forces, to be committed to the existing battle if the enemy exposes a vulnerability, or to serve as relief for troops already fighting. Some of the different categories of military reserves are: tactical reserve, operational reserve, and strategic reserve. A military reserve is different from a military reserve force, which is a military organization composed of military personnel who maintain their military skills and readiness in a long-term part-time commitment to support their country if needed. Military reserve refers to specific trained pre-organized forces operating on an on-call basis from the main military force. Each member acts in combat as a regular soldier.