✚3413✚ German WW2 Wehrmacht drill Senior Rifleman Oberschütze insignia rank pip


Original German WW2 Wehrmacht tropical / drill Senior Rifleman (Oberschütze Dienstgradabzeichen für Drillich Anzug) rank pip sleeve patch insignia, IN VERY NICE CONDITION, HARD TO FIND - REALLY GOOD EXAMPLE, DIAMETER: cca 55 mm


DRILL UNIFORM, OBERSCHÜTZE'S RANK PIP (Dienstgradabzeichen für Drillich Anzug) - Drill uniform, Oberschütze rank insignia consists of a roughly 55mm diameter, light tan cotton/rayon blend fabric base with an HBT, (Herring Bone Twill), weave with a central, machine embroidered, rank pip in silvery/grey rayon threads. On December 22ND 1920 the Reichsheer, (National Army, Circa 1919-1933), instituted a system of sleeve rank insignia for enlisted personnel. The Reichsheer system remained in effect until the newly formed Wehrmacht Heer, (Armed Forces, Army), introduced a new system on September 25TH 1936 that included the Oberschütze, (Senior Private), sleeve rank pip. Originally the base material of the standard issue rank insignia was in field-grey badge cloth until regulations of October 1935 altered the base material to a blue/green badge cloth. Further regulations on April 25TH 1940 altered the base material of the standard issue insignia to field-grey wool while the coloration of the base material for specialized uniforms such as the black panzer wrap, the olive/drab tropical tunic and the off-white/tan drill tunic utilized the base color of the uniform.