✚2243✚ Austrian post WW1 Sport Association ÖSTA badge Silver Grade


Original Austrian post WW1 Sport Association Badge (Österreichisches Sport- und Turnabzeichen), IN NICE CONDITION BUT THERE IS A DAMAGE ON THE ENAMEL, WORKING PIN DEVICE, SIZE: cca 42 mm


The Austrian Sports Badge (German: Das Österreichische Sport- und Turnabzeichen, ÖSTA) is a decoration presented for physical fitness by the Republic of Austria. The Austrian Sports Badge was created in 1920 as a sports badge, similar to other sports badges offered by Germany or Sweden. The decoration is awarded in gold, silver, and bronze. The Austrian Sports Badge can also awarded to juveniles and to handicapped persons with special requirements. There is a basic (Grundstufe) and an advanced (Leistungsstufe) badge depending on the physical fitness of the participant. The age classes are separated in three divisions that are denoted by the Olympic noble metals: Bronze: age 18-29, Silver: age 30-39, Gold: age 40 and above For youth (age 13-18) there are only three classes; Bronze, Silver and Gold. The level of the badge is calculated with both age, gender and level of physical fitness. Upon successful completion of the requirements, a certificate and the badge as cloth patch are awarded. Receiving the award as a metal badge is optional. Depending on regulations, the badge may be worn on uniforms. Repetitive completions of the award are indicated by numbers (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.) on the award.