✚11276✚ German pre WW1 Prussian Hohenzollern Commemorative Medal Combatants 1849


Original German / Prussian pre WW1 Hohenzollern Commemorative Medal for Combatants 1848-49 (Hohenzollersche Denkmünze für Kämpfer), IN GOOD CONDITION, ON NEW RIBBON, A VERY GOOD UNCLEANED EXAMPLE OF A 160 YEARS OLD AWARD - THE MEDAL IS NOT OFTEN SEEN


Prussian Hohenzollern Commemorative Medal for Combatants, 1848-1849 (Hohenzollersche Denkmünze für Kämpfer) - Circular gilt bronze medal with laterally-pierced ribbed loop for ribbon suspension; the face with the image of the cross pattée alisée of the Royal House Order of Hohenzollern; the reverse inscribed ‘FRIEDRICH WILHELM IV’ and dated ‘1848’ and ‘1849’ above and below parallel lines, circumscribed ‘SEINEN BIS IN DEN TOD GETREUEN KRIEGERN’ (His warrior loyal unto death). The medal was instituted by King Friedrich Wilhelm IV on 23 August 1851 in association with the House Order of Hohenzollern for those officers and soldiers who remained loyal during the rebellions of 1848 and 1849. The Prussian army played a crucial role in suppressing not only the rebellions in Prussia but also in Baden and Saxony. Nonetheless, Prussia became a constitutional state in 1849. The medal was produced at the Royal Mint in Berlin.