✚11124✚ German pre WW1 Baden 50th Anniversary Medal 5th Infantry Regiment No113


Original German / Baden pre WW1 50th Anniversary Commemorative Medal of the 5th Infantry Regiment No.113 (50 Jahr-Jubiläumsmedaille 1861-1911 / Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 113), THE AWARD IS IN VERY GOOD CONDITION, ON GENUINE RIBBON WITH INTACT PIN DEVICE, MAKER: C. POLLATH - SCHROBENHAUSEN, A VERY GOOD EXAMPLE OF A RARE AWARD, SIZE OF THE MEDAL: cca 47 x 35 mm 


These regiment commemorative medals were instituted on the occasion of the 50th or 100th anniversary with the approval of the German Emperor. Many regiments had such commemorative medals minted for the anniversary, especially after 1900 until the outbreak of World War I. These were mostly set up in 1813 during the war against Napoleon in the Wars of Liberation. These anniversaries were often celebrated with huge events where such commemorative medals were given to the participants of the celebration. The medals were often commissioned by the head of the regiment with permission from the emperor as commanding officer of the army and. The manufacturer was very often Chr. Lauer from Nuremberg who specialised in these medals.