✚11024✚ German post WW2 Order of Merit Lower Saxony Niedersächsischer Verdienst


Original German post WW2 Lower Saxony Order of Merit (Niedersächsischer Verdienstorden) Cross of Merit on Ribbon (Verdienstkreuz am Bande), IN PERFECT CONDITION, WITH INTACT ENAMEL, PERFECT PIN DEVICE ON THE RIBBON, THE AWARD IS NOT OFTEN SEEN, SIZE: cca 55 mm


The Lower Saxony Order of Merit (Niedersächsischer Verdienstorden) is a civil order of merit, of the German State of Lower Saxony. The order was established 27 March 1961. The order is presented in three classes, the highest is the Grand Cross of Merit (Großes Verdienstkreuz), the next is the Cross of Merit First Class (Verdienstkreuz 1. Klasse), and the lowest is the Cross of Merit on Ribbon (Verdienstkreuz am Bande). Achievements of special significance in terms of Land politics are honoured by conferring the Lower Saxony Order of Merit. Such achievements include in particular regionally important or structurally constructive commitment, or even the promotion of customs such as, for example, the Low-German language. People engaged in activities in honorary capacities and who in terms of commitment have set an example in the service of their fellow men, can be awarded the Verdienstmedaille für vorbildliche Verdienste um den Nächsten (Medal of Honour for Exemplary Services to Others). The Niedersächsische Landesmedaille (Lower Saxony Land Medal) is the highest award to a person who has performed outstanding services for the benefit of the Land of Lower Saxony. Other honours awarded in Lower Saxony include the Niedersächsische Sportmedaille, (Lower Saxony Sport Medal), the Medaille für Rettung von Menschen aus Lebensgefahr (Medal for Saving People from Life-threatening Situations), and the Ehrenzeichen für Verdienste im Feuerlöschwesen (Badge of Honour for Firefighting Services). Honours are also conferred for certain wedding anniversaries and birthdays. The Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior is responsible for these awards. The Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany) is awarded in eight order classes. In making this award, the Federal President honours work performed in the following fields in particular: promotion of peaceful co-existence and tolerance between cultures and religions, social, charitable or ecclesiastical commitments, services which promote the growing together of divided Germany and services to the new Länder, especially courageous intervention against violence, political commitment on behalf of young people, for example in the improvement of career opportunities and the creation of apprenticeship places and jobs for young people, outstanding research and development work, entrepreneurial work by founders of new businesses which makes a permanent contribution to growth and employment, promotion of relations between Germany and its European neighbours & special cultural services in the fields of theatre, music, film, fine arts and literature.