✚10848✚ German post WW1 Kyffhauser League Kyffhäuserbund visor cap badge cockade


Original German post WW1 (from the 20's, pre 1933 pattern) Kyffhäuserbund (Kyffhäuser League) visor cap badge. The cockade features a ribbed, circular gold outer ring encompassing an embroidered centerpiece forming the Kyffhasuer Monument, the reverse of the cockade is with four smaller prongs holding the rim and the centrepiece together & two bigger prongs for fixings the badge to the visor cap - NICE TWO PIECE CONSTRUCTION EXAMPLE, IN VERY NICE CONDITION, A GOOD DETAILED PIECE WITH ATTRACTIVE FINISH, COCKADE DIAMETER: cca 24 mm, THE BADGE IS OVERALL cca 75 mm WIDE


Kyffhäuserbund (Kyffhäuser League) is an umbrella organization for War Veterans' and Reservists' Associations in Germany. It owes its name to the Kyffhäuser Monument (German: Kyffhäuserdenkmal), a memorial built on the summit of the 473 m high Kyffhäuser Mountain near Bad Frankenhausen in the state of Thuringia in central Germany. The Kyffhäuserbund's origins lie in a section of the Deutscher Kriegerbund (German Warrior League) that established a league in 1900 that would unite the formerly scattered German war veterans' associations. Some of these organizations had been already administrating the maintenance of the memorial together. The league was initially named "Kyffhäuserbund der deutschen Landeskriegerverbände" (Kyffhäuser League of the German Countries' Warriors Associations), a name that became later abbreviated to "Kyffhäuserbund". By 1913 this umbrella organization had already 2.8 million war veterans as its members and it had become one of the largest societies in Germany. During the time of the German Empire the Kyffhäuserbund was instrumentalized against the growing social democratic movement in Germany. The difficult circumstances of World War I's postwar years led to a significant shrinking of the veterans' associations and their role. In 1921, during the Weimar Republic, this organization shed its federal structure and centralized itself under a common leadership. Following this step it changed its name to "Deutscher Reichskriegerbund 'Kyffhäuser' e.V." (German Warriors Association 'Kyffhäuser').