✚10703✚ German Prussian pre WW1 Napoleonic Wars Commemorative Medal 1813 1814


Original German / Prussian Napoleonic Wars Commemorative Medal combatants 1813-1814, IN WELL WORN CONDITION, ON NEW RIBBON, A GOOD EXAMPLE, THIS MEDAL IS MORE THAN 200 YEARS OLD / "1813 - 1814" TYPE WITH SQUARE CROSS ARMS, HARD TO FIND


Prussian Campaign Medal for 1813-1814, made from captured cannon (Kriegs-Denkmünze für 1813-1814, Kreuz aus erobertem Geschütz) - Circular bronze medal with loop for ribbon suspension; the face with a cross pattée with rays between the arms, the dates ‘1813’, ‘1814’, 1813/1814’ or ‘1815’ centrally within a laurel wreath; the reverse with the crowned cipher of Friedrich Wilhelm III above the inscription ‘Preußens tapfern kriegern’ (Prussia’s brave warriors) circumscribed ‘Gott war mit uns, Ihn sey die Ehre’ (God was with us To Him the Glory); the edge inscribed ‘AUS EROBERTEM GESCHUTZ’ (from captured cannon). The Medal exists with the dates ‘1813’, ‘1814’, 1813/1814’ and ‘1815’ and with square and rounded ends to the cross. The Medal was instituted by King Friedrich Wilhelm III at Frankfurt-am-Main on 24 December 1813 and amended on 3 October 1815 to be awarded to ‘all warriors who without exception, whether in the field or before a fortress, truly fought and uncompromisingly did their duty throughout this current conflict’ (‘jeden Krieger ohne Ausnahme, der im Felde oder vor einer Festung wirklich mitgefochten und der während der Dauer des jetzigen Krieges seinen Pflichten treugeblieben ist’). Prussia was a key member of the coalition that fought Napoleonic France and its allies, culminating with victory at Waterloo on 18 June 1815.