✚10687✚ Austria post WW1 Carinthian Freedom Fighters General Cross II. class


Original post WW2 Austria Republic Veteran Bronze Cross for Non Combatants (Kriegserinnerungskreuz 1939 - 1945), IN EXCELLENT CONDITION, ON GENUINE TRIFOLD RIBBON, A VERY FINE EXAMPLE WITH BEAUTIFUL FINISH


Carinthian General Cross for Bravery, II class (Allgemeine Kärntner Kreuz für Tapferkeit, 2. Klasse), 1918-1919 - Silvered zinc cross pattée, the stippled arms with ribbed edges, with laurel leaves between the arms and with eyelet and original ribbed loop for ribbon suspension; the face inscribed ‘kärntner freiheitskampf’ in Gothic script laterally, the upper and lower arms dated ‘1918’ and ‘1919’ respectively; the reverse inscribed ‘für Tapferkeit’ in Gothic script (for Bravery) laterally; the trifold ribbon shows the colours of the Province of Carinthia. The medal was instituted on 4 November 1919 by the Kärntner Freiheitskämpf (Carinthian Freedom Fighters), a paramilitary organisation set up by former soldiers in the chaos following the end of World War I to maintain order and in particular to resist the incursion into southern Carinthia of Yugoslav forces seeking its annexation. In the event, the situation was stabilised and in a plebiscite (referendum) held on 10 October 1920, the inhabitants voted to become part of the new Austrian Republic. The Medal also exists in a version for merit, the reverse inscribed ‘Verdienst’, and in a first class pin-back form. A very rare award.