✚10407✚ German Baden WW1 Landwehr Reserve Corps NCO Long Service Award 1913-1918


Original German / Baden Landwehr Long Service Award (Landwehr-Dienstauszeichnungen) - WW1 (1913 - 1918), ON GENUINE RIBBON, IN VERY GOOD CONDITION, A REALLY RARE LANDWEHR / RESERVE CORPS AWARD, DIAMETER: 25 mm


Baden Landwehr Long Service Award (Landwehr-Dienstauszeichnungen) -  1913-1918 issue - Circular gilt bronze medal with loop for ribbon suspension; the face with the crowned cipher of Grand Duke Friedrich II within a circular laurel wreath; the reverse inscribed ‘Für treue Dienste in der Reserve und Landwehr’ (For loyal service in the Reserve Corps & Landwehr). The medal was instituted by Grand Duke Friedrich II on 18 December 1913 to acknowledge the completion of 3 months’ service in the Baden Reserve Corps / Landwehr for non-commissioned officers. The first form of award (pre 1913) was a clasp / badge. This consists a black iron frame covered with ribbon. On it the embroidered letters - FWL -. By decree of December 18, 1913, the new form was introduced as a medal. The old service award in the form of a buckle could be exchanged at the recipients own expense. This medal was awarded only for 5 years, therefore it is considered as a rare award, diameter: 25 mm. Landwehr - During the Great War, was German second-line reserve troops. All German conscripts, on completion of their mandatory service, were transferred to the 'first ban' of the Landwehr for five years, during which time they attended regular training camps. At the end of this period they passed into the 'second ban' until they were 39, when they moved into the Landsturm. In time of war the troops of the first ban were used as reserves for fighting formations and those of the second ban for line of communication duties, but due to the shortages of troops 1917 and 1918 this distinction was lost. In the Austrian army the Landwehr was a standing reserve pool into which regular troops and recruits were drafted when there was no immediate need for them at the front.