✚10379✚ Austro-Hungarian Empire pre WW1 Commemorative Court Officials Medal 1898


Original pre WW1 Austro-Hungarian Empire Commemorative Court Officials Medal 1898 (Jubiläums-Hof-Medaille) in Bronze, IN VERY NICE CONDITION, ON GENUINE TRIFOLD RIBBON (FOR MILITARY PERSONNEL), A REALLY GOOD EXAMPLE - THE AWARD IS RARELY SEEN


Commemorative Court Officials Medal 1898 (Jubiläums-Hof-Medaille) - This medal was instituted by Emperor Franz Joseph I in commemoration of his 50th anniversary of reign, on November 21, 1898. It may also be known as “jubilee imperial household medal.” The medal was awarded to all individuals that had rendered personal service to the Emperor between December 2, 1848 to December 2,1898. The medal was designed by court engraver Heinrich Jauner. The ribbon may feature a clasp reading, "1848-1898". The medals were manufactured by J. Christlbauer, Schneider Brothers and Heinrich Ulbricht’s widow. The medals awarded to court officials (civilians) were awarded with ribbons that hung straight down. The medals awarded to military personnel were awarded with triangular ribbons. The Golden medal was awarded to the most senior court dignitaries, the minister of imperial household and the exterior, the adjutant generals, the director of the cabinet chancellery and the director of the family trust. The Silver medal was awarded for officers, officials and junior officials of the lifeguard, courtly offices, the royal orchestra and so on. The Bronze medal was awarded to individuals in junior positions, such as domestic servant, members of the lower guards and servants of the royal kitchens. There is a version for women that is composed of bronze and measures 26mm x 20mm. The ladies version was worn on a bow. The inscription on the reverse FRANCISV JOSEPHVSI QVINQVAGENARII REGNI DIEM FESTVM CELEBRANS II DECEMBRIS MDCCCXCVIII translates to Franz Joseph I celebrating his 50th anniversary o the reign, 2 December 1898.