✚10289✚ German pre WW1 Hesse-Darmstadt Campaign Decoration Felddienstzeichen


Original German / Grand Duchy of Hesse WW1 Medal of War Merit (Kriegsehrenzeichen in Bronze), IN VERY GOOD CONDITION, ON NEW RIBBON, A REALLY GOOD EXAMPLE


Grand Duchy of Hesse WW1 Medal of War Merit (Hessen - Großherzogtum»Kriegsehrenzeichen in Bronze) - the medal was instituted in 1916 initially in bronze and since May 1918 in bronzed zinc (due to war shortages). It was awarded for war merit to those that wouldn’t qualify for higher bravery and military awards (such as the. General Medals for Bravery and War Merit, the Cross of Merit for Military Medics etc). Despite its small size (diameter 25 mm), this is a full size and not a miniature or a reduced size medal.