✚10288✚ German pre WW1 Hesse-Darmstadt Campaign Decoration Felddienstzeichen


Original German / Hesse-Darmstadt pre WW1 Campaign Decoration (Felddienstzeichen) / 1840-1866, IN WORN CONDITION - SHOWING SOME OXIDATION, ON NEW RIBBON


Hesse-Darmstadt Campaign Decoration (Felddienstzeichen), 1840-1866 - Circular bronze medal with laterally-pierced cylinder suspension; the face with the crowned cipher of Grand Duke Ludwig II above the inscription ‘GESTIFTET AM 14. IUNI 1840’ (Instituted on 14 June 1840) within a wreath of laurel and oak; the reverse inscribed ‘FÜR TREUEN DIENST IM KRIEGE’ (For loyal service in war) within a wreath of laurel and oak. The decoration was instituted by Grand Duke Ludwig II on 14 June 1840, that day being the birthday of his father Ludwig I, to be awarded for participation in a military campaign in the service of Grand Ducal Hesse, whether as a combatant or non-combatant (‘für Alle, welche in Großherzoglich Hessischen Diensten als streitender oder nichtstreitender Militär einen Feldzug mitgemacht’). It was designed by Professor Christian Schnitzspahn (1829-1877) and struck at the Darmstadt Mint from the bronze of old Hessian cannon. The Decoration was awarded for participation in the campaigns of 1780 to 1815, 1848-1849 and 1866, after which it was discontinued.