✚10130✚ German WW1 Red Cross Women Society VFV Vaterländischer F. Verein badge


Original German Red Cross Society Women's (VFV = Vaterländischer Frauen Verein) War Service Badge 1914 / Silver Grade, IN VERY NICE CONDITION, RARE MAKER MARKED: "ALFRED STÜBBE - BERLIN", NOT AN OFTEN SEEN BADGE, DIMENSIONS: cca 31 x 27 mm


The Vaterländischer Frauenverein / Patriotic Women's Association (VFV) (long form: German women's association for care and help for wounded in war ) was founded by the Prussian Queen (later German Empress) Augusta in 1866. The founding of 1866, during the German War , soon gave rise to the first district associations, which subsequently became the forerunners of the Red Cross women's associations in the various regions of the Empire. The first associations of this type in Germany are the Patriotic Women's Association in Koblenz and the Hamburg Association, which were established between 1866 and 1868. On July 18, 1870, Emmy, wife of the battalion doctor Carl Türk, founded one in Lübeck just before the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War. Club hospitals were run for wounded warriors. In the First World War VFV also directed war kindergartens one. Queen Louise Gabriele Marie von Itzenplitz (1839-1901) from the Brandenburg noble family of Itzenplitz was appointed the first chairman of the association . After marrying Louise Marie Gabriele in the following year her sister took Countess Charlotte Clementine Itzenplitz presided and led the club half a century from 1867 to 1916. VFV was also founded in Berlin, Bonn and numerous other places. The history of the independent women's associations ended with the DRK law of December 9, 1937.