✚10017✚ Austrian post WW1 War Commemorative Medal Without Swords non combatants


Original post WW1 Austrian War Commemorative Medal Without Swords for non combatants (Kriegserinnerungsmedaille), IN VERY NICE CONDITION, ON GENUINE RIBBON, A VERY GOOD EXAMPLE


Austrian War Commemorative Medal (Kriegserinnerungsmedaille) Awarded to all who served in the First World War. This medal was instituted on 21 december 1932 and on 10 November 1933 gilt crossed swords were decreed. These were to be attached to the medal's ribbon for those who served under fire at the front, wounded and POW who had behaved with honour. The obverse depicts an eagle with wings opened downwards, standing on an upright shield with the Austrian weapon. Along the lower rim are the words "FÜR ÖSTERREICH" (For Austria). On the reverse, within an oak leaf wreath, the dates "1914-1918".