✚9062✚ Bulgarian pre WW1 Balkan War Commemorative Medal 1912-1913


Original Bulgarian Balkan War Commemorative Medal / 1912 -1913, VERY GOOD DETAILED EXAMPLE - ON GENUINE BUT FADED TRIFOLD RIBBON


Bulgarian Commemorative Medal for the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913 - Circular white metal medal with loop for ribbon suspension; the face with the crowned state coat of arms imposed on crossed swords encircled by a wreath of oak and laurel; the reverse with the dates ‘1912-1913’ encircled by a wreath of wheat, oak, roses and laurel. The medal was created by decree on 9 December 1933 and awarded to all participants then living in the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913, both military and civilian, until 31 December 1939. An alliance of Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro and Serbia threw the Ottoman Turks out of almost all their remaining European territories in 1912 and the First Balkan War ended with the Treaty of London on 30 May 1913. However, the victors fell out over the division of the spoils, with Serbia and Greece forming an alliance against Bulgaria and the Second Balkan War broke out at the end of June. After initial setbacks, Bulgarian military successes stabilised the front in Macedonia. The situation was transformed by the invasion of Bulgaria by Romania on 10 July, leaving the former in a hopeless position. An armistice was agreed on 31 July with Bulgaria losing most of her gains from the First War, Serbia becoming the dominant Balkan power and a lingering sense of Bulgarian grievance that would lead to her participation in both World Wars on the side of the Central Powers.