✚8241✚ Polish post WW1 GKPGS Silesian Order post WW2 made enamelled remake


Remake of the post WW1 Polish Silesian Order from 1921. This is nothing to do with the German Freikorps Silesian Eagle Order, however the design is very similar, note the crown, the head facing the other way, the crown and the colour obviously. These remakes have been around since the late 1970s that I am aware of and I suspect some made these or messed with some "originals" that were made in exile. The typical German needle system and the "FÜR SCHLESIEN" (for Silesia) slogan were both added in this connection to let it be more interesting for collectors. VERY NICE CONDITION - THESE AWARDS WERE NOT MASS PRODUCED, HARD TO FIND - REALLY GOOD PIECE WITH INTACT ENAMEL, EVEN THOUGH THE ORIGIN OF THESE AWARDS ARE NOT CLEAR THEY ARE NICE AND COLLECTABLE PIECES, DIMENSIONS: cca 50 x 31 mm


Polish GKPGS (The Central Committee for the Liberation of Silesia) Silesian Order - created in 1921 through the GKPGS (The Central Committee for the Liberation of Silesia) in Warsaw. During the Nazi occupation people wearing these were not treated nicely, as the Silesian "troubles"of 1918-1920 had been marked by some very nasty Polish "ethnic cleansing". The Nazis did not have to exaggerate much about what happened and took a cruel and viscous revenge where they could. The Gestapo actually hunted down members of the GKPGS. Measurements are 50 x 31 mm. Originals are rather rare, they only exist with the original "O Slask" (For Grace - in Polish), a screwing disk on the back, like nearly all Polish medals.