✚6426✚ Finland WW1 Medal of Liberty II. Class Bronze Vapaudenmitalin 1918


Original Finland WW1 Medal of Liberty II. Class Bronze (1918), NICE CONDITION - NEW RIBBON, GOOD WORN EXAMPLE


Order of the Cross of Liberty, Medal of Liberty, II class (Vapaudenristin Ritarikunta, Vapaudenmitalin 2. luokka), 1918 - Circular bronze medal with original loop for ribbon suspension; the face with the crowned lion of Finland within a ring with a white rose of Finland to either side and inscribed ‘URHEUDESTA FÖR TAPPERHET’ ('For Bravery' in Finnish and in Swedish); the reverse inscribed ‘SUOMEN / KANSALTA’ (From the Finnish People) and dated ‘1918’ within a circular laurel wreath. The Order was established in 1918 during the War for the Independence of  Finland. The Finnish War of Independence (or War of Liberation) from Russia during 1918, following the Bolshevik Revolution, is considered a part of WW1. The number "1918" shows the year of the award. The WW2 version of this award was created on 16 December 1940 and based on the Crosses and Medals of Liberty from the Liberation War of 1918 during which Finland won her freedom from Russia. The Continuation War of 1941-1944 was so named to encourage the view that it was a continuation of the Winter War of 1939-1940 in which Soviet forces invaded Finland. The Continuation War, however, was an attempt by Finland to regain territory lost at the end of the Winter War and to occupy Russian territory, taking advantage of the German invasion of Russia, as a defensive buffer against future incursions. The defeat of German forces meant that Finland had to come to an accommodation with the Soviet Union and the war, in effect, achieved nothing.