✚9717✚ German post WW1 Freikorps Langemarck Cross Ypres Langemarck Kreuz medal


Original German post WW1 (Weimar Republic) Freikorps Langemarck Cross (Langemarck Kreuz) - IN VERY NICE CONDITION, FINE EXAMPLE WITH PERFECTLY WORKING PIN DEVICE, VERY RARE AWARD, HARD TO FIND, SIZE:  42 mm


Langemarck Cross (Langemarck Kreuz): this rare Weimar Republic era award was instituted in 1933 for veterans and Freikorps members who participated in the 1914-1915 Ypres, Belgium 1st Battle of Langemarck (a village in Flanders). It commemorates the German "Green Corps", the 26th Reserve Corps of Koln (233rd - 240th Reserve Infantry Regiments and 51st, 52nd Foot Artillery Regiments) which was committed to the battle in typical early WWI tactics.....relentlessly straight at the enemy despite horrendous losses. In particular, new, young German recruits (2000 students - all volunteers) were wasted and slaughtered...known as the 'Kindermord des Ypern' (The Death Youth Sacrificed at Ypres). The Langemarck Cross is a silver frosted 42 mm wide decoration, the weight is cca 11 grams. Crisp raised relief details 'LANGEMARCK' and '26 Res.K' (for the XXVI Reserve Corps that was sacrificed). Reverse has high quality hinge and pointed pin. The cross was awarded only from 1933 to 1936, therefore considered as a very rare award.